40th Class Reunion Survey

Hi Everyone,

As of right now our reunion is still on for the first weekend in June, however there will be some changes to our venue due to Covid restrictions on The Magnolia Ballroom and Brady's venues. It all depends on the number of attendees we have, so we can't move forward with anything until we know for sure how many people are planning on attending. We have calculated the cost and feel $40 a person is what we need in order to pay the venue cost plus extras such as food and decor. If at all possible I'm requesting you send your payment in within the next two weeks so that we can get an accurate count to determine what we can afford to do and where. So far I only have the initial 13 who were kind enough to pay ahead so that we could have a deposit to secure a venue. Since I had to cancel the venues we are starting over again. Please answer the following questions so we can decide what the majority of the class wants to do. 

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1)   * Do you want to have a two night event or one night?

  Two nights
  One night
2)   * Do you want to have food at the event?

3)   * What date would you prefer to have our reunion?

  4th of July Weekend (July 3rd & 4th)
  Labor Day Weekend (September 4th & 5th)
  Keep our Date (June 4th & 5th)
4)   * What cost do you consider is reasonable per person amount? Keep in mind the venues are not cheap and we have to have a place big enough to fit our class especially with the Covid restrictions.

5)   * Which event would you like best?

  Indoor Social Gathering
  Outdoor Social Gathering
  Either One is fine