PHS Renovation

The Renovation of the Old
Pascagoula High School
Photos & Facts courtesy of Tara "TBird" Martin Lippe
(photos taken August 2011 -
Ignore the '2004' digital camera date. It is incorrect.)
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Renovation Facts: 
~56 units are being built.
In Building A (the Main Building) 38 units are planned.
7 in the cafeteria
7 upstairs
♦ 7 in the Main Hall
17 in the English/ Math Hall
Most of the units are one bedroom with one bathroom.  There are a few units that have two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one handicap and one regular).  
Also in Building A 
 Recreational/Dining/Activities Room
Health Center
Business Center
Manager's Office
Reception Office 

In Building B & C (where the Guidance Office & typing classes were) will be:    
♦ 19 units 
Common area room
Screen porch
Future Building Phase will remodel the:
♦ science building into more living units
♦ band hall into a recreation center
♦ auditorium to maybe have movies and plays in
They have done an awesome job with the remodel. They’ve updated it but due to historical regulations there are some things that they could not change so it has kept some if its old charm.
They kept the old windows and doors.  They had even thought about making the old lockers the mailboxes for the tenants but that didn’t go through. 

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