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This website was created as a place for the Pascagoula High School Class of 1981 to catch up with one another again.

Are you a PHS 1981 graduate (or you would have been) and your name is missing from the CLASSMATE PROFILE?  Send an email  identifying yourself as a graduate of PHS 1981 and request to be added as a  classmate.  

Female classmates, please identify your maiden name if applicable.

Most work is done weeknights/weekends. If more than 2 days pass and your name is not on the classmates list, ping me again.  

Once your name is on the classmates list, you may then go in and create your login/password (Click Here for Website Registration Directons)  or scroll to the bottom.    

There is not a system password.  Please do not send a message requesting one.  There is some boilerplate on this site which will tempt you to request one.  But don't fall for it.  "It's a trap!"  I wish I could delete the boilerplate, but I can't. 

This website is not affiliated or connected with any other class membership site nor will your information be shared with any other site.   

This also means that if you want to join this site, you'll have to input the information you are willing to share. 

The list of names in the  CLASSMATE PROFILES  was uploaded from the class reunion roster of 1991. It is incomplete.  See someone missing?  Please send a message to the site admin.  One of these days, I'll compare the classmate list to the graduation roster.  I just haven't gotten around to that.


Site  Owner/Admin:  Rosemary Foster Butt

New to this Site?

 Before you begin:  
You will need to be in the Classmate Profiles list to join. 
NOT LISTED as a PHS 1981 graduate?
If you are not a 1981 graduate (maybe you moved away before graduating or some other life-event happened) but you identify with us, please send a request to be added - no worries!  Don't be surprised if I ask if there is anyone to vouch for you though.  I really am trying to be a good gatekeeper and not let people on the site who are just wanting to glean names.
To JOIN this class website: 
  1. Click on the 'Classmate Profiles' button
         just under the banner and select your name      
   2. Click "JOIN HERE!" link. A login-wizard will display.
   3. Fill out your primary email and create a password.
   4. Fill out any other info you wish to share  
NOTE: There is not a system password available. Your access to this site is solely your login and password that you create when you register  as a classmate on this site.


Please do not enter anything here. If you are blind and having problems filling out this form, please call 734-585-5605.


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